It’s already been 3 years

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve seen the notice in WPEngine that PHP8.0 will be EOL soon and you’ll need to upgrade to PHP8.2 (Not sure why they skipped 8.1) or the Google gods blessed us with your presence.


Httpoxy Protected

Good news if your site is hosted with Aspire Web you are already protected from the latest vulnerability,  httpoxy CVE-2016-5387.

If your interested in more technical details see:

As all our current customers are running on Windows using IIS and the FASTCGI interface for running additional scripting languages (PHP/NodeJS) our services are protected!

Microsoft have released a KB explaining how this affects IIS and how this is only an issue if you are running the old CGI interface which we have never used, see more here:



Wordpress on Windows IIS

The simple truth is….


What you may be told may differ… most likely either “Why would you want to do that?” or the usual “yeaaaa….. but linux is better”.

There is nothing wrong with WordPress on Windows and here’s why


Us here at Aspire Web feel that Windows and Linux both have a purpose within the hosting space but that Windows is neglected somewhat in the shared hosting space. And that is why today we will be discussing the Top 7 Reasons why Windows Hosting Rocks!

Before getting into the countdown let’s clear up something, we aren’t taking anything away from Linux and in some cases Linux will also have this reason or could possibly do it better, but this doesn’t take it away from Windows Hosting and will only be focusing on Windows.

So let’s dig in!